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Lower Expenses with Data Management Solutions


The daily onslaught of new electronic information continues to increase costs for organizations of all sizes. Every gigabyte of data increases storage requirements, archiving complexity, retrieval issues, and in the case of litigation, review costs.

Wave Software is a vital partner in developing e-Discovery and Data Management solutions to simply your workflow and reduce your overall expenses. Beginning with data identification and taking you through targeted collections and processing, Wave’s Trident software reduces the amount of data in your organization and saves you valuable time and money.

Wave software is deployed by law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, advisory and consulting firms, and forensic experts to solve a wide variety of data management problems including:

“E-mails are easy to create and have become the primary form of business communication today. That means the volume of electronic data associated with a discovery request could be staggering. This creates huge problems for law firms that do not have the in-house capability to manage and process electronic discovery data. The problem compounds when a litigation team is fighting attorney review and production deadlines. Our partnership with Wave is the perfect solution.”
— Kriss Wilson, president of Superior Document Services